Eyeglass Lenses

We offer a wide variety of lens options with the latest technology to meet each patient's individual needs and lifestyle. 

For patients who require multifocal correction, we carry Varilux progressive addition lenses, as well as traditional bifocal and trifocal designs. 

In today's digital world, many patients suffer from eye fatigue. We offer Essilor Eyezen+ lenses to help relieve eye strain. 

Anti-reflective coatings on lenses reduce glare and help provide more clear and comfortable vision. We use the latest Crizal anti-reflective products with our lenses. 

We offer Crizal Provencia or Unity Techshield Blue to protect your eyes from harmful blue light. 

If you are interested in light-adaptive lenses, we offer Transitions lenses that turn dark when outside in sunlight. 

Choosing the Right Frames

We offer a wide variety of frames for men, women, teens and kids. At Marshall Eye Care, we are happy to assist you in selecting the perfect frames that complement your style and personality! Our experienced optometry professionals will work closely with you to select the proper frames that fit your budget as well as your cosmetic, lifestyle, and vision needs. While working with our experienced staff enables you to select the appropriate frames, we invite you to learn more about which frame styles complement various face shapes. 

Frame lines we carry: Prada, Jimmy Choo,  Gucci, Tory Burch, Vera Wang, Kate Spade, Betsy Johnson, Coach, Longchamp, Versace, Silhouette, Hugo Boss, Ray Ban, Oakley, Robert Graham and many others.

Kid's frames: Ray Ban, Lucky, Nike, Puma, Lily Pulitzer, Nano, Dilli Dalli, Rec Specs 


Sunglasses are essential for protecting the eyes from harmful UV light. We have a wide selection of both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses for all lifestyles. In addition to the lines listed below, we can put polarized or tinted lenses into any of our frames.

Sunglasses lines we carry: Ray Ban, Maui Jim, Oakley

Caring for Your Eyewear

Prolong the life of your glasses by cleaning with mild soap and warm water occasionally. Use a dry lens cleaning cloth daily to remove smudges and lens cleaning spray to remove oils. Do not use shirts, towels, or tissues to clean lenses as this may create scratches.

Use Two Hands  

When putting on or removing frames, use two hands. This will prevent damage to the frame.

When Not on Your Face, Put Them in the Case  

Cases are provided with all frame purchases. To protect to your glasses, it is recommended to store them in a case. If your frames need repair or adjustments, stop by our office during normal business hours and an optician can help!

Warranty Information

Frame Warranty 

Frames have a 1 year manufacturer warranty from date of purchase. This includes broken temples, hinges and nose pads. In order to take advantage of this warranty, all frame pieces must be returned with the frame. Frames that have been chewed, hammered, run over or stomped on are no longer covered under the warranty. The use of super glue on a frame will also void the warranty. 

Lenses Warranty 

Lenses purchased with an anti-glare coating have a 1 year warranty. If the lenses become scratched, we can order a replacement pair. Some restrictions apply. Warranties do not cover eye wear that has been lost or stolen or frames with teeth marks of any kind.


Warranties do not cover eye wear that has been lost or stolen or frames with teeth marks of any kind.

For more information, call us at 972-250-2020 and ask for the optical department.

Select Your Frames


A square face is often characterized by a strong jaw line, a broad forehead, and a wide chin and cheekbones. The width and length of the face are close to being equal. Frames should be selected to make the face look longer and to soften the square angles of the face. Choose frames that are slightly curved (like an oval shape) and that have more horizontal than vertical real estate.


The oval face is identifiable by its balanced proportions. The forehead is slightly wider than the chin and cheekbones are high. Frames should complement the natural proportions of the oval. Choose frames that are wide or wider than the broadest part of the face and that follow your brow line. Often, diamond or rectangular shapes work best for oval shapes.


Although fairly similar to an oval shape, an oblong face is longer than it is wide. The ideal frames will shorten the face by creating a break in the length of the face. Choose frames that have depth and a low bridge to shorten the nose. Try frames that are round, deep, have low-triangle shapes, or that have strong vertical lines.


A round or full face is characterized by having the same width and length. For round faces, frames that add length to the face often work best. Frames that lengthen the face are typically angular, narrow and are wider than they are deep. It is best to avoid round style frames as these will exaggerate the roundness and curves of the face.


A heart shaped face looks like a heart or a triangle with the point facing down. The forehead is very wide and cheekbones are high while the face narrows towards the chin. Counterbalance the narrow chin by choosing frames that are wider at the bottom. Generally, light colored and rimless frames work best, although aviator, butterfly and low-triangle styles also work well.


A base-down triangle face has a narrower forehead with full cheeks and a broad chin. To offset a broad chin, select frames that widen at the top. Great selections include frames that have heavy color accents and detail on the top part of the frames. Cat-eye shapes also work well to add width and emphasize the narrow upper part of the face.


A diamond shaped face is often characterized by high, dramatic cheekbones with a narrow eye line and jaw line. This shape is the rarest of all the shapes. Oval frames that are soft in style typically work best to highlight the eyes and cheekbones. Select frames that have detailing, distinctive brow lines, are rimless or a cat-eye shape for best results.

  • Round Rectangle (Wire) Rounded Square Square
  • Modified Oval (Wire) Rectangle Cat Eye Squared Cat Eye
  • Oval Modified Round Modified Oval Wayfarer
  • Aviator


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